Patent, Design, and Trade-Mark Act, 1965

Published date: 2022/5/14


1.       Patent Design & Trademark (First Amendment) Act, 2044 BS- Dated  2044/7/1

2.       Judicial Administration Act, 2048 BS- Dated 2048/2/16

3.       Act For the Amendments of Some Nepalese Acts related to  Export Import and Intellectual Property - dated 2063/8/8


Whereas it is necessary to make timely legal arrangements in respect to patents, designs and trade-marks for the convenience and economic benefit of the general Public,

Now therefore, His Majesty King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev has enacted this law on the advice and with the approval of the National Panchayat.

Chapter 1


1.   Short Title Extent and Commencement

     (1)  This Act called the patent, Design and Trade Mark Act, 1965,

     (2)  It shall be applicable throughout the Nepal.

     (3)  It shall come into force at once.

2.   Definitions

     In this law, unless otherwise meant with reference to the subject or context:

(a)  patent means any useful invention relating to a new method or process of manufacture, operation or publicity of  any material  or  a  combination  of materials, or  that made  on the  basis of  a  new theory or formula.

(b)  Design means the form or shape of any material manufactured in any manner.

(c)Trade-mark means  words, symbols, or pictures or a combination  thereof  to  be  used  by  any  firm, company or  individual in its products or services to distinguish  them the  produces or  services or others.

(d)  Department means the department prescribed by His Majesty's Government by notification in the Nepal Gazette, and the Department of Industry unless so prescribed.

(e)  Schedules mean the schedule to this Act.

(f)  Prescribed or as prescribed means prescribed or in the manner prescribed in the rules framed or orders issued under this Act.

Chapter 2



(1)  Any person desirous of obtaining right over any patent shall have such patents registered in his name under this Act.

(2)  The patent  registered in  the name of any person under this Act  shall not  be copied  by any  other person or operated  or   used  in  his  name  without assigned in his name as per Section 21(d)  or without the written permission of the patentee.

(3)  Repealed


(1)  A person  desirous of  having any  patent registered in his name  shall submit to the Department an application according to  the specimen  form specified in Schedules 1(a), containing the particulars mentioned below, along with all available evidence in his possession:-

(a)  Name, address   and occupation of the person inventing the patent.

(b)  If the applicant himself is not the inventors, how and in what manner he acquired title thereto from the inventor.

(c)  Process of manufacturing, operating or using the patent.

(d)  The theory or formula if any on which the patent is based.

(2)  Along with  the application  mentioned  in  Sub-Section (1), e  applicant shall  also submit  mans and drawings along with  particulars, of  the patent, as well as the fee specified in Schedule 3.


(1)  On receipt  of application  submitted under  Section 4,the Department  shall, on the advice also of experts if so  considered   necessary,  conduct  examination  or studies to  ascertain whether the patent investigations in the  application is  a new  invention  or  not,  and whether it  is useful to the general public or not, and thereafter decide  whether  or  not  to  register  such patent.

(2)  In case the Department feels that any patent should not be registered in the circumstances mentioned in Section 6, it shall give a notice to the applicant to the effect that the patent cannot be registered according to his application.
(3)  (Repealed on October 18, 1987).


(1)  The Department shall not register any patent under this act in the following circumstances:-

(a)  In case the patent is already registered in the name of any other person, or

(b)  In case the applicant himself is not the inventor of the patent sought to be registered by him, nor has he acquired rights over it from the original inventor, or

(c)  In case  the patent  sought to  be  registered  is likely to  adversely  effect  the  public  health, conduct or morality or the national interest, or

(d)  In case  (the registration  of  the  patent)  will constitute a contravention of existing Nepal law.

Provided that noting contained in Clause (a) shall be deemed to have prejudiced the transfer of the registration of any patent under the provisions of Section 9.

(2)  In the circumstances mentioned in Sub-Section (1), the department may cancel the registration of any patent which had been registered.

Provided that:-

The department shall, before canceling the registration of any patent, provided opportunity the patentee to show cause, if any, why the registration of this patent should not be cancelled.


(1)  On receipt  of applications  filed under  Section 4 for registration of  any  patents,  the  department  shall, after   completing   necessary   investigations   under Section 5 issue a registration certificate according to the Scotchman  form indicated  in Schedule 2 (a) to the applicant, except  in the  circumstances  mentioned  in Section 6.

(2)  For obtaining the certificate mentioned in Sub-Section (1), the applicant shall pay the registration fees specified in schedule 3 (1) (b) to the department.

7A. Registered patents to be published.

(1)  Patents registered  under this  act, other  than  those which must  be kept  secret in  the national  interest,  shall be  published by  the  department  in  the  Nepal Gazette for the information of the public.

(2)  In case anybody desires to see or copy the particulars, maps, or drawings of a patent published under Sub-Section (1), he may be allowed to do so after paying the fees prescribed by the department.

(3)  In case  anyone has  any objection to such a patent, he may file  a complaint  with  the  department  within  a period of  35 days  from the  date of seeing or copying the patent under Sub-Section 92).

(4)  In case any complaint is received under Sub-Section (3), the department shall take necessary action after conducting inquiries.


 (1)  The title of the patentee to the patent shall be valid for a   period of   seven years from the date of prostration thereof under Section 7, except when it is renewed under Section 23 B.

 (2)  Notwithstanding, anything contained in Sub-Section 91),in  the   case  of   patents  registered   before   the commencement of  this Section, the term fixed according to the  provision in  force at the time of registration thereof shall  be valid,  and after  the expiry of that term, the patent must be renewed under Section 23B.




The patentee shall submit to the National Archive also a copy of the design or model of the article manufactured according to the patent registered under this Act.


In case any person does the following offences should punished as follows as per the amount of offences and confiscation of all articles and goods connected with such offences on the order of Department:

a)                          If Commits Offences contravention to Subsection (2) of Section 3 should fine up to Five Lakhs Nepalese Rupees.

b)                          If attempts to commits or abets the commitment of any act contravention to Subsection (2) of Section 3 should fine half of (a).

Chapter 3



 (1)  Any person  may acquire  under this  act title  to  the design of  any article  manufactured or  caused  to  be manufactured by  him after  getting it registered under Section 14.

 (2) The design  registered in  the name of any person under this Act  shall not  be copied  by any  other person or operated  or   used  in  his  name  without assigned in his name as per Section 21(d)  or without the written permission of the registrant. 


 (1)  Any person desirous of having the design of any article manufactured  or  caused  to  be  manufactured  by  him registered  under   Section  14  shall  submit  to  the Department an  application according  to  the  specimen form indicated  in Schedule  1 (b),  together with four copies of  such  design  and  maps,  and  drawings  and particulars thereof.

 (2)  The person submitting an application under Sub-Section (1) shall   pay, along   with the application, the application fee specified in Schedule 3 (2) (a), to the department.


 (1)  On receipt of the application filed by any person under Section 13, the department shall register the design in the name of the applicant and then issue to him a certificate as mentioned in Schedule 2(b).

Provided that in case such design hurts the prestige of any individual  or institution or adversely affects the public conduct  or morality, or undermines the national interest, or  in case  such  design  has  already  been  registered in  the name  of any  other person, it shall not be registered under this-Section.

 (2)  For obtaining the certificate mentioned in Sub-Section  (1), the  applicant shall pay a design registration fee as prescribed in Schedule 3 (2) (b), to the department.

 (3)  In case the department is satisfied that there exists any circumstance as mentioned in the restrictive clause of Sub-Section (1), it may cancel the registration of any design.

Provided that:-

The department shall, before canceling the registration of such design, provide reasonable opportunity to the design- holded to show cancel if any, why the registration of his design should not be cancelled.

14A. Term of Design

The title  of the  person in  whose name  a design  has been registered under  Section 14 shall remain valid for a period of five  years from the date of registration thereof, except when it is renewed under Section 23B.


In case any person contravenes the provisions or Sub-Section  (2) of  Section 12, or operates a design the registration of which has  been  canceled  by  the  department,  he  may  be punished with  a fine  not exceeding  Rs 50000,  as  well  as confiscation of  all articles  and goods connected with such offense, on the order of the Department.

Chapter 4



 (1)  Any person  acquire, under this act, title to the trade-mark of his business, after having it registered in the department under Section 18.

 (2) The trademark  registered in  the name of any person under this Act  shall not  be copied  by any  other person or operated  or   used  in  his  name  without assigned in his name as per Section 21(d)  or without the written permission of the registrant. 


 (1)  Any  person  wishing  to  have  the  trademark  of  his  business registered  under Section  18 shall  submit to the department an application according to the specimen form indicated  in Schedule  1(c), along  with four  of such trade-mark.

 (2)  The person submitting applications under Sub-Section (1), shall pay an application as specified in Schedule 3(3) (a) to the department.


 (1)  In case any person files an application under Section 17 for registration of trademark, the department shall register such trademark in the name of the applicant the specimen form indicated in Schedule 2 (c),

Provided that  in case  it is Test that such trade-mark may hurt  the prestige of any individual or institution or adversely  affect the  public conduct or morality or undermine the  national interest  or the  reputation of the trade-mark  of any  other person,  or in  case such trade-mark found to have already been registered in the name of another person, it shall not be registered

(2)  For obtain  a certificate  as mentioned  in Sub-Section (1), the  applicant  shall  pay  registration  fees  as specified in Schedule 3 (3) (b) to the department 
(3)  The department  may  cancel  the  registration  of  any  trade-mark,  if   it  is  satisfied  that  any  of  the circumstance indicated  in the  restrictive  clause  of  Sub-Section (1) exist.

Provided that   the department   shall,   before canceling the registration of any trademark in this name, provide a reasonable opportunity to the holder of the trademark to show cause if any, why his trademark should not be cancelled.

18A. Classification of Goods and Services for the Person of Trade-Mark Registration

 (1)  For the purpose of registering trade-marks related to any goods or services, Government may classify such goods or services by notification in the Nepal Rajapatra.

 (2)  Separate applications must be submitted to register trade-marks of goods or services placed in different categories.

 (3)  The trade-mark registered for goods or services in one category/under Sub-Section (1) may be registered for goods or services under another category.

18B. Prohibition to Use Trade-marks

No trade-mark may be used be used as a registered trade-mark without registering it at the department.

18C. Time Limit for Use of Trade-marks

In case  a trade-mark  registered at  the Department is not brought  into use  within one  year  from  the  date  of registration thereof, the Department shall conduct necessary inquiries and may cancel such registration.

18D. Term of Trade-Marks

The title  of the person in whose name a trade-mark has been registered  under Section  18 shall  remain valid for a period of seven years from the date of registration thereof, except when it is renewed under Section 238.


In case any one violates Sub-Section (2) of Section 16,or brings  into use  a trade-mark  which his  been cancelled under Sub-Section  (3) of  Section 18,  or violates  Section 18B, no  may be  punished with a fine not exceeding is 1,00,000,as well  as confection  of all  articles and goods connected with such offense, on the orders of the Department.

Chapter 5





Any person may appoint an agent or legal practitioner for the purpose of taking any

Action which he is required to take under this Act, and all actions taken by such

Agent or legal practitioner shall be deemed to have been taken by him personally.


21 (Repealed on October 18, 1987).


21A. Publication of Registered Designs and Trade-Marks


(1) The Department shall publish the designs registered under Section 14 and

the trade-marks registered under Section 18, as well as particulars of their renewal

or cancellation, for information of the public.


2) Any one who has any objection to the particulars published under Sub-

Section (1) may file a complaint to the department within a period of 35 days from

the date of publication of such particulars. The department shall take necessary

actions after holding inquiries into such complaints.


21B. Title not to be valid unless registered in Nepal


The title to any patent, design or trade-mark registered in a foreign country

shall not be valid in Nepal unless it is registered in Nepal by the concerned person.


21C. Registration of Foreign patents, Designs and Trade-Marks


The Department may register patents, designs and trade- marks registered in foreign

Countries without conducting any enquiries if an application is filed for their

Registration along with certificates of their registration in foreign countries and the Department provide the privilege of priority date of Paris convention for the Protection of Industrial Property 1883 for such registrant.


21D. Provisions Related to Transfer of Rights or License to Use of Patent, design & Trademarks:


1) Any patent, design & trademark registered in own name can be transfer to any others name or make a license of use in a written form.


2) As per the sub section (1) if some one interested transfer or make a license of use of trademark, patent and design to other party and other party also interested to do so then both parties must submit a joint application to the Department clearly mentioned the matter, along with the prescribed fees.


(3) In case an application is received under Sub-Section (2), the Department may grant approval to transfer or make a license of use of such patent design & trademark.


4) As per the subsection (3), if the Department grants the approval to transfer it is required to assign such patent, design and trademarks in the name of transferee.


5) As per the subsection (3), if the Department grants the approval to make a license of use, it is required to endorse the details in the register book and in the certificate and the receipt of the same give to the licensee.





The department shall maintain separate registers of patents, designs and

trade-marks, indicating therein registration or cancellation thereof effected

under this Act.


23 -Amended


23A. Amended


23B. Procedure Relating to Renewal of Patents, Designs and Trade-



(1) A patent, design or trade-mark holder must renew his patent, design or trademark

Within a period of 35 days from the date of expiry of the turn for which he is

Entitled to use the patent, design or trade-mark under Section 8, Section 14A or

Section 18D by submitting an application in the form mentioned in Schedule 2 (d),

2(e) and 2(f) respectively and paying the fee motioned in Schedule 3.


(2) A patent, design or trade-mark may be renewed by paying a fine of Rs

1000 within six months after the expiry of the time-limit for renewal according to

Sub- Section (1).


(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in Sub-Section (1) and (2), a patent may be renewed not more than two terms for a period of seven years at a time, a design not more than two terms for a period of five years at a time, and a trademark any number of terms for a period of seven years at a time.



In case the certificate of registration of any patent, design or trade-mark is lost, a copy thereof may be obtained from the department on payment of a prescribed fee.




In case any person, whose patent, design or trademark is registered under this act, actually suffers any losses as a result of any other person contravening the provisions of this act in respect to such patent, design or trade-mark, the department may have the appropriate amount of such losses recovered from such offender in the form of compensation.




The patents, designs and trade-marks registered prior to the commencement of this Act under the patent, design and trademarks law enacted in 1936 shall be deemed to have been registered under this Act, with effect from the date of its commencement.

26A. Power to have Alterations in Rates of Fees


Nepal Government may make alterations in the amount of fees prescribed in Schedule 3 by notification in the Nepal Gazette.




Any person who is not satisfied with the order issued by the Department under this

Act may file an appeal with the Appellate Court within 35 days.




The patent, design and trademark law of 1936 has been repealed.